Seek your Passion
  1. Whispers in the Wind
    TO THE WILDER SHORES OF LOVE... Lynlea. Her tawny-eyed sensuous beauty bespoke a lineage the envy of kings, a birthright forfeited one blazing night of violence when her noble name was fixed to a death warrant. From the safety of her beloved France she flew, her desperate flight for freedom leading to the auction block on a remote island and into the arms of three powerful men - Jean Lafitte, who wanted her to sire a pirate dynasty... the mercenary, Jared, who knew she was her father's daughter and lusted for her all the more... and the pirate Hawk, the man with the silver eyes who buried an astonishing secret of his own, and from whom she fled, frightened of the passion he kindled in her, a passion deeper than flame and which he refused to let die...
  2. Savage Destiny
    FLAMING INNOCENCE! Salena Hamilton lay in the London gutter, her velvet gown torn and muddy, her evil assailant routed by a dark-haired Texan. Gently the tall stranger took her in his arms, and carried her to his waiting ship. WANTON DESIRE! From that moment, their lives were passionately entwined - the delicate jewel-eyed beauty who couldn't remember her past - and the strong-willed Texan who couldn't envision his future without her. In the raw new land north of the Rio Grande, they shared a wanton ecstasy, torn apart by men's lust and greed. Until - amid the furies of a border war - they discovered their Savage Destiny.
  3. Coming Soon
    To all my fans of previous years and to the new readers I hope to acquire, I have moved my focus from historical romances to the more wide-ranging genre of single title romance. This allows me more freedom to express my love of mystery and action intertwined with convoluted plots, passionate encounters and the intensity of emotion that only true love can instill. So welcome to my world, dear readers, and hold on to your hats. It will be an exciting ride!